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BoomerWalk (the book) includes profiles of 14 racewalkers whose ages vary from their 50s to their 90s. They serve as inspirations for all of us in this life-long sport. Many more racewalkers submitted profile information than could be included in the book. Those profiled in the book were balanced for age, gender and region. You can read about some of the others and if you would like to share your racewalking story and perhaps be included among these profiles on boomerwalk.com, please fill out the profile questionnaire and send it to us with an attached photo.

We can gain inspiration from one another’s racewalking stories. If you would like to have your racewalking experience considered for inclusion among the racewalker profiles on boomerwalk.com, please email the following information to brent@boomerwalk.com.

1. Name:

City and State of Residence:

Year of Birth:

2. How did you discover racewalking, what attracted you to racewalking and how long have you been racewalking?


3. Do you belong to a racewalking club? If so, what is its name and how has it been helpful?


4. Where do you train, how often do you train, and how far do you walk in training?


5. Do you racewalk in competitions, and if so, what competitions have you participated in and have you had success?


6. Have you noticed any health changes from racewalking? (more energy, lost weight, etc.)


7. Have you had any injuries from racewalking?


8. What one or two tips would you give to someone just taking up racewalking?


9. Add any additional comments you wish:


10. Please attach a racewalking-related photo of yourself alone that is not copyrighted.

By emailing you this information, I give permission for the information I have supplied to be edited and published on the boomerwalk.com Web site. I understand that once information is published an Internet site it is generally available to the public and that unauthorized persons could copy and use that information, and I agree to hold Brent Bohlen and all others associated with the BoomerWalk book and boomerwalk.com harmless against such unauthorized use.

In case we need to get in touch with you:

Street address and zip code:

Phone number:

Email address:

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